Traditional Irish
Folk song

A man robs Captain Farrell on the road. He brings the money home and shows it to his love, Jenny. Then, while he’s sleeping, his love takes his money and tells Captain Farrell where to find him. This is the story told in the old Irish folk song « Whiskey in the jar ».

This traditional song is one of the most popular in Ireland and our product represent this irish knowledge and style of making whiskey.

As a tribute, we named it Farrell.

Farrell Whisky

Country : Ireland
Alcohol % : 40 %
Unit size : 35 cl, 50 cl, 50 cl PET, 70 cl, 100 cl

Farrell Blenced Whiskey is classic blend of Irish grain and malt whiskeys. It has an easy and approachable style, with a smooth, sweet taste and classical malty finish.

Our recipes


Ingredients :

4 cl Farrell Irish whiskey

Preparation :

Pour it in a lowball glass.

On the rocks

Ingredients :

4 cl Farrell Irish whiskey
Ice cubes

Preparation :

Have a few ice cubes in a lowball glass/rocks glass. Pour the whiskey over the ice.

Irish coffey

Ingredients :

4 cl Farrell Irish Whiskey
2-4 teaspoons of whole-cane/brown sugar
3/4 of a normal cup of black coffee
Lightly whipped pouring cream (whipping cream)

Preparation :

• Preheat an Irish coffee glass (or heat-resistant glass) with very hot water for a minute or two, then discard the water.
• Add the sugar to the glass and fill up the glass 2/3 full with hot coffee. Stir until sugar is fully dissolved.
• Add the Irish whiskey and if necessary more coffee until the glass is filled until 2 cm from the rim.
• Add the cream by pouring it gently over a spoon.