Farrell - Irish Whiskey


» Straight-up

Ingredients:4 cl Farrell Irish whiskey
Preparation:Pour it in a lowball glass.

» On the rocks

Ingredients:4 cl Farrell Irish Whiskey, ice cubes
Preparation: Have a few ice cubes in a lowball glass/rocks glass. Pour the whisky over the ice.

» Irish Coffee

  • 4 cl Farrell Irish Whiskey
  • 2-4 teaspoons of whole-cane/brown sugar
  • 3/4 of a normal cup of black coffee
  • Lightly whipped pouring cream (whipping cream)

Preheat an Irish coffee glass (or heat-resistant glass) with very hot water for a minute or two, then discard the water.

Add the sugar to the glass and fill up the glass 2/3 full with hot coffee. Stir until sugar is fully dissolved.

Add the Irish whiskey and if neccessary more coffee until the glass is filled until 2 cm from the rim.

Add the cream by pouring it gently over a spoon.